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This year WIN World, our company, celebrates its 10th anniversary and we want to push ourselves - and our audiences - much further.


We want to celebrate and inspire the future. Individuality and diversity. Complementarity and collectivity. Creativity and generosity. Planet and humanity.


The best way to do this is by bringing together curious, creative and innovative minds from very different areas – be it neuroscience, music, sports, wildlife, business or philosophy, among others. People who live in state of unrest about all the possibilities that there may be for our future and who will share, through very different formats, their ideas about the future - the way they see it, hear it, feel it, want it.


We also want to disrupt the way conferences are made. We want to have people from around the world and for that technology and creativity became great allies on building up a whole new kind of line-up. This means the program will be very dynamic, composed by sessions in a variety of formats,and we will have someguest speakers sharing their ideas on stage, some through audio, video or graphic formats.

We are loving this!

The conference will take place at NOVA SBE Campus, on December 4, 2018. Audience will be composed of 400 people, half of which will be like-minded leaders, scientists, artists, humanists, thinkers and doers from a diversity of fields, the other half NOVA SBE students, in a path for an intergenerational dialogue and complicity, that so deeply fascinates us.

And we are loving this too.

We believe the future lies on this type of creative collectiveness and we are more than happy that you are joining us on this journey of inspiring the future. Thank you.

The WIN World Conference is one of those challenges we love to embrace to up the game up. And ... we are loving it!

We are WIN World, a forward-thinking company, founded in 2008, with the mission of inspiring leaders and organizations for the future. We explore, analyze and organize trends and knowledge for leaders – by studying and understanding context, challenges, opportunities, corporations’ goals, business strategies, leaders’ minds and human behaviors – and then create and produce inspiring contents, events and media projects to ignite change and new ways towards better and greater individual and collective growth. We are always studying and we love to take up the challenge to do things that were never done before. 



14:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee


14:30 Inspiring the Future


On stage

14:35 The Future belongs to those who can hear it coming

DAVID ROWAN, Expert on Tech Trends and Corporate Innovation, Founding-editor of Wired

On audio

14:40 The Future is about individuality, diversity, collectivity, interdisciplinarity

TIAGO FORJAZ, Chief Dream Officer, MighT

On stage


15:10 The Future has a strange order of things (life, feelings, cultures)

ANTONIO DAMASIO, Neuroscientist

On film


15:15 The Future of the way we eat, care and live


On stage


15:40 The Future demands business and humanities hand in hand

ALAIN DE BOTTON, Philosopher

On film


15:45 The Future loves entertainment and live experiences

ROBERTA MEDINA, Vice-President, Rock in Rio

On stage


16:05 The Future is simple and user friendly


To be on film


16:10 The Future takes on lives and careers in portfolio

JOSÉ LUÍS PINTO BASTO, Pilot and Investor

To be on stage

16:25 The Future moves with research, innovation and science

CARLOS MOEDAS, European Commissioner, Research, Science and Innovation

On film

16:30 Coffee break


17:00 The Future is about making it happen

JACK & SUZY WELCH, Business Leaders and Authors

On film


17:05 The Future is bright. Trust me

TIM VIEIRA, Entrepreneur and Investor, Brave Generation

On stage


17:25 The Future is handmade

GONÇALO CONCEIÇÃO, Owner and CEO, Viúva Lamego

On stage


17:40 The Future calls for conservation

LARISSA SOUSA, Gorongosa National Park & PAULO AZEVEDO, Sonae

On stage


18:10 The Future is built together


On stage


18:30 The Future comprises classical music and Netflix

Sponsored by Fidelidade


Performing Hell’s Kitchen, by Robert Paterson 

On stage


19:00 Closing cocktail


Please note that David Rowan, Antonio Damasio, Alain de Botton, Jean-Charles Samuelian, Carlos Moedas, Jack and Suzy Welch will have their ideas and messages shared on film. They will not be live on stage.

More speakers and other revelations coming soon.



Founder and CEO, WIN World


Carlota had twelve years of experience in the world of media before founding WIN World in 2008. She is enthusiastic about strategy and development of new businesses, as well as a believer in the transformative power of media, knowledge and education. She created WIN World with the mission to inspire leaders and organizations for the future by creating state of the art content and events. Carlota understands that people inspire people, and that by facilitating encounters between forward thinking leaders, change and progress can be achieved. In its tenth year, the company has delivered and produced conferences and content for major brands around the world. Carlota is a lover of good ideas and inspiring people - especially her two sons Vasco and Sebastião!

RGB_Tiago Forjaz.JPG


Chief Dream Officer, MighT


Tiago is currently the Chief Dream Officer of MighT talent strategists whose mission is to actualise people’s potentials and transform them into the power of companies. As a speaker, he is often invited to share his views on talent, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and social media in renowned companies and universities. In recent years Tiago has also worked in multiple projects as a futurist; studying possible scenarios with companies such as Inditex, Aon, EDP, Sonae, Fidelidade and others. Tiago is the founder and manager of the social media network The Star Tracker, the first Portuguese talent network, connecting over thirty-eight thousand Portuguese natives living in over 135 countries.

Tiago was born in South Africa, where he lived the first thirteen years of his life. He is the father of two boys, a cuban cigar smoker, and contemporary art appreciator.



Minnie was born in Angola in 1954 to a German father and Portuguese mother. After completing medical school in Lisbon, where she lived most of her life, she moved to New York, where she did her specialty in internal medicine. Since she returned to Portugal in 1990, she has been in private practice in Lisbon and Cascais. Minnie has a holistic approach to medicine integrating nutrition, clinical hypnosis and mindfulness in her practice. At the present moment she is working with young people to create a specialized program and community for the awareness, prevention of mental disease.


RGB_Minnie Freudhental.jpg


Vice-President, Rock in Rio


Roberta Medina is the Vice-President and public face of Rock in Rio, one to the largest and most famous music festivals in the world, created by her father in Rio de Janeiro in 1985. By the time Roberta was 21, she was already working in the production of the event, and in 2004 she was bringing it across the Atlantic to Lisbon, in what would be the first international edition of the festival. Roberta is passionate about making ideas come true and creating unforgettable experiences of entertainment, but also transforming the planet, not only through music but also through social, environmental and cultural causes.


Pilot and Investor

José Luís is the founder and CEO of The Edge Group, an agglomerate of investment and risk capital holdings, since 2002. He has over a decade’s experience in managing large real estate investments. With a sharp vision in the identification, negotiation and development of new business opportunities, his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to create several successful companies. His passion for flying also led him on a parallel career as an airline pilot. He’s now a A330 senior captain, flying intercontinental flights for TAP Portugal.

RGB_Jose Luis P B.jpg
Carlos Moedas.jpg


European Commissioner, Research, Science and Innovation


Carlos Moedas makes sure EU-funded research programs contribute to the Commission’s jobs, growth and investment package. Carlos is also responsible for promoting the international excellence of the EU’s research and scientific endeavours and strengthening research capacities and innovation across all member states. He is always evaluating how EU‑funded research can be used more effectively and ensuring that Commission proposals are based on scientific evidence. Carlos is keen on unleashing the untapped potential of science communication to combat populism and to connect citizens with the European Project, encouraging private companies to apply research to meet challenges faced by society.


Entrepreneur and Investor, Brave Generation


Tim was born in Johannesburg. With an early penchant for business, he was opening his first company, a brewer, while still at university. In 2001, Tim saw Angola as a country with investment opportunities. He owns, together with his partner Nuno Traguedo, Special Edition Holding, one of the most significant media groups in the country. Tim also owns media companies in Mozambique and Ghana.  In 2015 Tim became well known to a Portuguese audience after having participated as an investor in the first season of the TV show Shark Tank Portugal. Currently, Tim is the CEO of Bravegeneration (Europe), and has investments in Portugal in the areas of agriculture, distribution, IT and film production.

RGB_Tim Vieira.jpg
RGB_Goncalo Conceicao.jpg


Owner and CEO, Viúva Lamego


Gonçalo holds a business degree in administration and finance, and has two decades of experience in investment banking and financial markets. In 2002 he co-founded and became the executive director of Banco Primus, a credit bank headquartered in Lisbon with branches in Spain and Hungary. In 2009 he decided to leave his career in finance to dedicate himself full time to investing and developing industrial businesses. From 2009 to 2014 he was the Chairman and CEO of Investwood, a holding company with four different industrial factories, and backed other business working with different sectors from doors manufacturer to real estate. In 2010 Gonçalo became a partner at Win World. In his last investment in 2017 Gonçalo bought Viúva Lamego, one of the most storied tile-manufacturing companies in Portugal. Realising the company's far-reaching potential, Gonçalo has been breathing a new life into the heritage brand through his strategic investments and passion.


Girls Education Program Manager, Gorongosa National Park


Larissa works within the human development department of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, where she spearheads the Girls Education Program. She has been involved in the implementation of the Girls Clubs, an after-school program for young girls aged ten to sixteen aimed at keeping them in school and avoiding early marriages. Larissa is passionate about the work she does in teaching girls important life skills and ensuring they have the tools they need to face the world. Prior to joining the Gorongosa National Park, Larissa worked in several different international projects; she was in Germany for Daimler-Benz and worked with The HALO Trust, an American de-mining in company Mozambique. She was also the administrator at Njerenje Chimoio school.

RGB_Larissa Sousa.JPG
RGB_Paulo Azevedo_Sonae_web.jpg


Chairman and Co-CEO, SONAE


Paulo Azevedo joined Sonae in 1988. Subsequently, he held different management positions in several group companies. From 1996 to 1998 he was Executive Director at Modelo Continente Hypermarkets and in 1998 was appointed CEO of Optimus. From 2000 to 2007, he was Sonaecom CEO. He was elected Sonae's CEO in 2007. Since April 2015, he is Chairman of Sonae Indústria, Sonae Arauco and Sonae Capital. He has been assigned, as of May 2015, Chairman and Co-CEO of Sonae. Paulo is also a non-executive director of BA Glass. He is member of the European Roundtable of Industrialists and member of the International Advisory Board of Allianz. In the past years, he was also member of the Board of Founders of Casa da Música Foundation and President of the Board of Trustees, Porto University.


Professor, Nova SBE


Pedro is currently the president of the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation, a private Foundation that was key to the construction of Nova SBE’s new campus. At the helm of the foundation and its respective fund-raising campaign, Pedro was responsible for collecting 50M Euros from private benefactors. Pedro is also a professor and holds the Millennium bcp Chair in Finance at Nova SBE since 2007. Apart from his work with Nova, Pedro is a partner at the asset management firm, Atrium Investimentos. He is also a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, a fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research, and has served on the editorial boards of prominent financial and economic journals.

RGB_Pedro Santa Clara.jpg
RGB_Martim Sousa Tavares.jpg




Martim became a conductor after obtaining degrees in music in Portugal and Italy and a masters in orchestra direction in Chicago. He has worked in the orchestras of seven countries and accumulated experience in a repertoire that extends itself over four centuries, from the baroque period to contemporary pieces. In 2014, Martim founded the Orchestra di Maggio with friends and fellow musicians. The orchestra has performed in multiple cities around Italy, and received the support of the Fondazione Torchiani as well as being the subject of ‘Primo Movimento’, a documentary by Simone Rigamonti. As a music communicator, Martim is a strong advocate of breaking barriers between classical music and a wider audience. He created the event cycle ‘Ouvidos para a Música' in Lisbon and is currently working on a series for radio.


CEO, Return to Ideas

Rui started his career at the Corporate Finance Department of ES Investment (currently HAITONG Bank). In 2001, he founded Innovagency, a consulting and digital development firm, and in 2008 headed the company’s spinoff consulting business Return on Ideas. Under Rui’s leadership Return on Ideas was responsible for the creation of C Consumer Intelligence Lab, a unique project in Portugal aiming at the in-depth gathering of consumer insight as the support for business model innovation. In 2017 Rui became Managing Partner at HCapital, a portuguese Private Equity Fund, where he heads a 20M euros Fund, ‘Hcapital New Ideas’ focused on Energy, Mobility and Smart Territories. During his career Rui advised the top management of key companies in Portugal, and he is also a guest lecturer at Católica Lisbon – School of Business & Economics and at ISCTE Business School, focusing on Consumer Behavior.




There are very few tickets for sale. 

If you are interested in buying a ticket for The WIN World Conference, please contact us:

+351 219 011 100

+351 910 694 646


+351 219 011 100

+351 910 694 646

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